Multi Room Audio

Enjoy your music in any part of your home through the touch of your smartphone.  Let us design a audio system that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Home Theatre

Wether you want a Smart TV or a full blown theatre experience in your home, Dream Integration can orchestrate the perfect solution for you.  Experience a movie theatre in the comfort of your home.  Push play on your remote, your lighting will dim as the movie begins, then sit back relax and get blown away by the sound.

Dream Integration


Protect your family and have peace of mind when you are away from your home.  Our solutions not only provide central monitoring but you will also get notifications on your smartphone keeping you up to date with your home security.

Dream Integration

Home Networking

Your home is becoming more and more complex with smart devices that need access to Wi-Fi and internet.  Our team will do a site survey and find out exactly what equipment is needed in order for you to have great Wi-Fi  and hard wired coverage throughout your home.

Dream Integration

Smart Home

Remotely control your HVAC, lighting, security, appliances and other electronic devices with your smartphone.

Contact Dream Integration to discuss a customized solution for your home or business.  1-905-554-5892